"are you still watching?" is a VR experience about depressive episodes, exploring the mindset of a person before, during, and after a depressive episode​​​​​​​
This project was definitely cathartic for me, dealing with a heavy topic like depression and putting some of my personal experience out into view for others. The main narrative portion takes inspiration from my depressive episodes as well as others with depressive disorders. Everyone experiences their mental illness in different ways, which means this experience is only one view of what a depressive episode may look and feel like. Putting something that exists primarily in your head is challenging to put into an immersive visual world, but I feel I can get the point across with this VR experience. I hope that viewers will come out of this experience understanding more about depressive episodes and having empathy for those with mental illness.
all work done by me excluding 3D mesh model
Software Used: Unreal Engine 4.26, Motionbuilder 2019​​​​​​​, May 2020, Optitrack System, Reaper
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